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   Create the right landing page for every ad - in just a few minutes

    Existing websites can be optimized directly

   CRM & store system independent - works practically everywhere

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   CRM & store system independent - works practically everywhere

   Landing page builder was yesterday - existing web pages are modified directly

   Optimization of your website with the help of editor

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Your visitors are not the same.
So why show everyone the same landing page?

Dynamize your existing landing page and show each target group a suitable variant® works independently of your store system or CMS and allows you to, Any number of variants that are tailored and optimized for each of your target groups.

Current situation: campaigns redirect to non-specific pages
and do not reflect the display promise

This landing page does not have a strong link to the ad promise.
This leads to high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

The problem: The creation of a landing page requires

Programming effort

The solution:®

With the Varify Editor you can in a few minutes and without programming knowledge
create an unlimited number of dynamic web pages.


Optimize now with the® Editor a demo landing page

The principle of® is that you have to existing Landing Pages independent of your CMS or store system directly and optimize. Just try it out on our demo landing page.® Demo Editor® Try Editor live now

Please run® Editor on a desktop or laptop computer

For whom is® made?

For all SEA specialistswho also want to play different web page variations for different keywords and ads.
Social media
For the Mass entertainerwhich push countless traffic to the website, but have little or no influence on landing page optimization.
Email Marketing
For the creative heroes Of newsletter campaigns that want to continue telling your story on landing pages.

... and for all other online marketers who like to think outside the box and know that landing page optimization is a must nowadays. No matter if you work for an agency, as a freelancer or in-house.

What makes® special?

For marketers - No programming knowledge required
Time advantage - create variants in < 3 minutes
No limits - Unlimited number of variants
Efficient - Use campaign boosters
DSGVO Compliant - We do not store data

Varify in use for your performance marketing campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How do I integrate Varify on my website?

Our snippet should be included at the beginning of the head section of your website. Alternatively, you can simply add the snippet via a tag manager.

Can I try® without having the snippet integrated on my website?

You don't have to integrate the snippet into your website just to try out the editor. For this you can use the® Chrome Browser Plugin download. Go here to the Explainer video.

How do I set up an AdWords landing page campaign with®?
    1. Create a new variant and save it under a name of your choice.
    2. Now you can simply add the ending to your URL at the target URL of your AdWords ad: ?varify={variant name}.
    3. Users who now arrive at your landing page via the corresponding ad will now see the variant you created earlier.

How many different variations can I create of a landing page or website?

In the free account you have the possibility to create 10 variants of any number of pages. If you need more variants, you can either delete variants you no longer need or upgrade your account.

Do the variants of a page have a negative impact on my SEO ranking?

No,® automatically places a canonical tag on each variant if one does not already exist. This way, each generated variant identifies the original landing page as the source page. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate® in such a way that it can none There are no losses in the performance of the website.

What all can I change on my website with the® landing page editor?

With Varify you can currently make the following changes/optimizations to your websites:

  • Text changes
  • Style and layout changes (font size, colors, styles, etc.)
  • Hide elements
  • Remove elements completely
  • Insert new images or replace existing images
  • Inserting the dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages
  • Insert CSS changes
  • Paste JS code directly
  • Change HTML code
  • Use notification widget

What types of landing pages / websites can I optimize with®?

In principle, you can change and optimize all static elements on your pages. Sometimes, however, elements may be generated dynamically, as is the case with some product lists. In this case, the information is not available at the initial website call and can therefore not be changed,

Will® cost me more if I have more visitors on my website?® can be used up to 10 variants completely free of charge. At you will find information about the different price models

Is® DSGVO / GDPR compliant?® does not store any user-related data and is therefore DSGVO compliant.

Where does Varify store my data?

Our servers are located in Germany. To ensure that the landing page variants can also be played out super fast, we also use a CDN (content delivery network).

Can I change the URL parameter ?varify?

No problem! Just contact us and tell us your desired parameter. Please note that the parameter should not already be in use elsewhere.

What is the difference between Varify and an A/B testing or personalization tool like Google Optimize or VWO?

With® it is possible to create an unlimited number of variations of a landing page or website. Likewise, there is no traffic limit with®. In contrast to personalization or A/B testing tools,® plays out landing page variants permanently. Of course, the variants can also be used for A/B testing.

Who is behind®?

Learn who is behind the tool and why it was developed


Dynamization - the contextual performance marketing of tomorrow

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Author: Sven Dreissigacker, UserMind GmbH