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This is how simple® works

  • Choose the website you want to optimize

  • Optimize the page according to your ideas. Use the visual® editor or integrate JS/CSS code.

  • You can now test the optimization in an A/B test or use it as a new dynamic variant of your website.

With® you create from existing websites, in a few minutes A/B tests or dynamic websites - independent of your CRM or store system.

Advantages of®

A/B Testing - Data-driven optimizations

Can be evaluated directly in Google Analytics 4

Unlimited traffic & variants

Existing web pages are adapted directly

DSGVO Compliant - We do not store data

Join over 500 online marketers and increase your sales through A/B tests and dynamic websites.

Increase the conversion rate of your Websites

What makes® different from landing page builders and A/B testing tools? Logo
Same price: Regardless of traffic and number of optimizations.
Landing page builders usually charge based on the number of traffic and/or the number of landing pages created.
Campaign Booster: Conversion optimized features directly applicable
Use templates like USP Bar, Notifcations, etc. to directly apply proven concepts.
Without additional implementation: Consent layer and tracking functions do not need to be set up additionally.
With®, tracking and consent layers work as usual.
Get started right away: Can be used directly without setup effort and special knowledge.
Most landing page builders require you to set up subdomains. With®, you just integrate a JS code snippet on your page and you're ready to go.
CI Conformity: The website design is automatically maintained.
With landing page builders it is either not possible at all or only with a lot of effort to design landing pages according to your own CI specifications.
Compatibility: Technical modules like newsletter registration, shopping cart, checkout etc. can be used as usual without special integration.® landing page variants are based on best-in-class websites. Unlike landing page builders, all website functions work as usual, without you having to worry about further integrations.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I integrate® on my website?

The® snippet should be included at the beginning of the head section of your website. Alternatively, you can simply add the snippet via a tag manager.

Can I try® without having the snippet integrated on my website?

You don't have to integrate the snippet into your website just to try out the editor. For this you can use the® Chrome Browser Extension download. Go here to the Explainer video.

How do I set up a new A/B test with®?

Create a new variant and save it under a name of your choice.
Now you can define your A/B test setup directly in the® dashboard for the created variant and then start it directly. The A/B test setup includes the definition of the targeting and the traffic distribution.