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3step image® works that easily

  • Choose the landing page you want to optimize

  • Optimize the page according to your ideas with the® editor and save it as a new landing page variant

  • Use the landing page variant as a new target URL for your ad and increase your conversion rate

With® you create dynamic landing page variants of yours existing websites in minutes independent of your CRM or shop system.

Benefits of®

For marketers - No programming knowledge required

Time advantage – create variants in < 3 minutes

Unlimited traffic & variants

Existing websites are adapted directly

GDPR Compliant - We do not store any data

Selection of our customers® in action: Test it on your computer

Open the page on a computer so you can try out®. Have the link emailed to you now.® in action: Try it out directly

Optimize a demo landing page with the® editor now or register and optimize your own website


Do as over 500 online marketers already do and adapt the landing pages to yours advertisements on and not vice versa

Increase your conversion rate now Google Ads Facebook Ads Outbrain Ads LinkedIn Ads Youtube ads

Dynamic landing pages as a ROAS booster for your ads

Dynamic landing page variants always pick up your visitors exactly to the advertisement played

Use dynamic keyword insertion not only in ads but also on your landing page.

Optimize text and images on the landing page with just a few clicks.

Hide information such as navigation elements or text that distracts the user from the conversion.

For more success: use the specially developed campaign boosters from®.

What makes® different from landing page builders? logo
No limit: No limitation of traffic or new landing page variants.
Landing page builders typically charge based on the number of traffic and/or the number of landing pages created.
Without additional implementation: Consent layer and tracking functions do not have to be set up additionally.
With® tracking and consent layers work as usual.
Get started straight away: Can be used directly without any setup effort or specialist knowledge.
Most landing page builders require setting up subdomains. With® you just integrate a JS code snippet on your site and you can get started right away.
CI conformity: The website design is automatically retained.
With landing page builders, it is either not possible at all or only with a lot of effort to design landing pages according to your own CI specifications.
Compatibility: Technical modules such as newsletter registration, shopping cart, checkout, etc. can be used as usual without special integration.® landing page variants are based on best websites. Unlike landing page builders, all website features work as usual without you having to worry about any further integrations.

Get started now and create your first landing page variant in just a few minutes

This is what dynamic landing page variants look like in practice

Compeon case

The home page of was used as a core variant for Google Ads landing page variants and was able to assert itself significantly over existing landing pages and noticeably increase the number of loan requests.

Moving RuckZuck case

With Google Ads ads, the number of relocation bookings was significantly increased by using keyword insertion for landing pages.

Artmind case

The® campaign booster "Notification Bar" was used on landing pages for Facebook campaigns to advertise the Easter campaign.

Specialist article about®

Learn more about use cases and possible uses of the platform.

Dynamization - the context-related performance marketing of tomorrow

Article on Targeting in Context: Dynamic Landing Pages "Are you still showing all visitors the exact same webpage?"

Author: Sven Dreissigacker, UserMind GmbH

Better landing pages - smart approaches in performance marketing

Presentation of smart approaches for better landing pages in performance marketing - especially for paid channels.

Author: Thomas Kraus and Steffen Schulz, Varify GmbH

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Sven Dreissigacker
CRO Expert – UserMind GmbH

Dynamic landing pages are the future in my opinion. The experienced and smart team at Varify is on the right track with their landing page editor system. Keep it up!

Simon weber

At first I didn't know exactly how to use CRO for my SEA campaigns. The guys from Varify managed to significantly increase the conversion rate of many campaigns.

Sebastian Jund
SEM – Compeon GmbH

Our application routes have been optimized with great success. There were times when we couldn't process the many requests so quickly.

Self Service – Use the full potential of the® platform

In the self-service package you have access to all functions by®. Create as many landing page variants as you need for your campaigns – without any limits.

If you have any questions, he is at your disposal® Customer Support supporting to the side.

Sea Kilic
Online Marketing Professional


Managed Service – We create the variants, you have the success

In the managed service package our experts build the landing page variants for you. Once these are ready, we set up your advertising campaigns together - this is how we achieve the best possible ROAS.

Throughout the process, you have the complete platform as well as a personal account manager is available for storage, management and analysis.

Stephen Schulz
Co-Founder & Conversion Professional

Agency – Offer your customers more and use® to increase the ROAS of your customers

Stand out from others Performance Marketing Agencies and optimizes in addition to the campaigns Landing Pages. Make yourself indispensable and secure yourself long-term customer relationships.

The® Support will be happy to advise you and help you and your customers to be successful.

Thomas B Kraus
Co-Founder & Conversion Professional

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The® snippet should be integrated at the beginning of the head section of your website if possible. Alternatively, you can also simply integrate the snippet using a tag manager.

You don't have to integrate the snippet on your website to just try out the editor. You can use the® Chrome browser extension download. Here you go to explanation video.

Create a new variant and save it under a name of your choice.
Now you can simply add the ending to your URL in the target URL of your Google Ads ad: ?varify={variant name}.
Users who now land on your landing page via the corresponding ad will now see the variant that you previously created.