Auch von dieser Landingpage gibt es unterschiedliche Varianten:

More conversions through dynamic web pages

Unlimited number of variants without coding skills

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Your visitors are not all the same.
So why show everyone the same landing page?

Dynamise your existing landing page and show each target group a suitable variant® works independently of your shop system or CMS and allows you to generate any number of variants that are tailored and optimized for each of your target groups.

Landing pages point to non-specific pages and do not reflect the ad pledge

This landing page has no strong connection to the advertising promise.
This leads to high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

The creation of a landing page needs

The solution:®

In only a few minutes, using the Varify Editor you can create an unlimited
number of dynamic web pages without coding skills.

Simply create the perfect variant

Use the Varify Editor to enhance the user experience of existing landing pages by making them more dynamic. The editor allows you to make any adjustments to the website without any coding knowledge. And that is how it works:

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Who is® made for?

For all SEA specialists, who want to play different website variants for different keywords and ads.
Social Media
For the mass entertainers, who push countless traffic to the website but are limited in the landing page optimization.
Email Marketing
For the creative heroes of newsletter campaigns who want to tell their story on the landing pages.

... and for all other online marketers who like to think outside the box and know that landing page optimization is a must nowadays. No matter if you work as an agency employee, freelancer or in-house.

Varify in action for your performance marketing campaigns

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Whats the difference between Varify and an A/B testing or personalization tool like Google Optimize or VWO?

With Varify it is possible to create an unlimited number of variants of a landing page or website. Likewise, Varify has no traffic limit. In contrast to personalisation or A/ B testing tools, variations are permanently delivered through the Varify landing page. Of course, the variants can also be used for A/ B testing.

How do I use Varify to set up an AdWords landing page campaign?
    1. Create a new variant and save it under a name of your choice.
    2. Now you can simply add the extension to your URL at the destination URL of your AdWords ad: ?varify = {variant name}.
    3. Users who now access your landing page via the corresponding ad will now see the variant you created earlier.

How many different variants can I create from a landing page or website?

There are no limits! Create as many variations of one or as many landing pages as you need.

Do the variants of a page influence my SEO ranking?

No, automatically sets a Canonical tag on each variant, if one does not already exist.

What can I change with the Varify Landing Page Editor on my website?

With Varify you can currently make the following changes / optimizations to your websites:

  • text changes
  • Style and layout changes (font size, colors, styles, etc.)
  • Hide elements
  • Remove elements completely
  • Re-insert pictures or replace existing pictures
  • Insert CSS changes
  • Insert JS code directly
  • Change HTML code

Which types of landing pages / websites can I optimize with Varify?

In principle you can change and optimise all static elements on your pages. However, sometimes it could happen that elements are generated dynamically, as in the case of some product lists. In this case, the information is not available at the initial website call and therefore cannot be changed.

Does Varify cost me more if I have more visitors on my website?

Currently Varify is still in the beta phase, which is why there are no costs. There will also be a permanently free version. After a successful beta phase, the costs will not be dependent on the number of visitors or the traffic. The exact price model will be published. Generally we would like to offer a good price / performance.

Is Varify DSGVO / GDPR compliant?

Varify does not store any user-related data and is therefore DSGVO compliant.

Where does Varify store my data?

The location of our servers is in Germany. We also use a CDN (content delivery network) so that the landing page variants can be played at super-fast speeds.

Can I change the URL parameter "?varify="?

No problem! Just contact us and let us know your desired parameters. Please note that the parameter should not be used otherwise.

How does the beta phase work on Varify?

Simply log in to the via the beta list. We will contact you shortly afterwards and set up your account. Already you can start to create variants and optimize your landing pages.

How do I integrate Varify on my website?

If possible, our snippet should be included at the beginning of the section of your website. Alternatively, you can simply install the snippet via a tag manager.