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This is how simple the platform works

  • Choose the website you want to optimize

  • Optimize the page according to your ideas. Use the visual® editor or integrate JS/CSS code.

  • You can now test the optimization in an A/B test or use it as a new dynamic variation of your website.

With® you create from existing websites, in a few minutes A/B tests or dynamic websites - independent of your CRM or store system.

Advantages of®

A/B Testing - Data-driven optimizations

Directly analyzable in GA 4 or your Analytics tool

Unlimited traffic & variations

Existing web pages are adapted directly

DSGVO Compliant - We do not store data

Do it like over 1,000 other online marketers and increase your sales through A/B tests and dynamic websites.

Increase the conversion rate of your Websites

What makes® different from Google Optimize? Logo
No limit: Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of parallel experiments - at the same price
A/B testing tools usually charge according to the amount of traffic and/or the number of experiments created. With® you always pay the same price.
Get started right away: Can be used directly without setup effort and special knowledge.
A/B testing platforms require the setup of page types, targeting and tracking. With®, you simply integrate a JS code snippet on your page and you can get started right away.
Support during implementation: The setup is super simple. Still support you to implement® in the best possible way
With®, tracking and consent layers work as usual.
GA4 compatible: Tracking of results can be conveniently done in GA4.® offers both direct integration with GA4 and integration via Google Tag Manager.
Campaign Booster: Conversion optimized templates directly applicable.
Use templates like USP Bar, Notifcations, etc. to directly apply proven concepts.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is® proportionally so much cheaper than other providers?

At®, we want to make digitally optimizing a site possible for all businesses, regardless of their starting point. We focus on affordable and unlimited testing without compromising on the variety of features.

Unlike other providers, we do not pay per user ourselves and rely on existing tracking systems, which allows us to pass on the more favorable conditions to our customers.

This approach is in line with our "single source of truth" principle, which is why we do not keep our own goal tracking, but focus on seamless integration of analytics tools for A/B test evaluation.

How do I integrate® on my website?

The® snippet should be included at the beginning of the head section of your website. Alternatively, you can simply add the snippet via a tag manager.

Can I try® without having the snippet integrated on my website?

You don't have to integrate the snippet into your website just to try out the editor. For this you can use the® Chrome Browser Extension download. Go here to the Explainer video.

How do I set up a new A/B test with®?

Create a new variant and save it under a name of your choice.
Now you can define your A/B test setup directly in the® dashboard for the created variant and then start it directly. The A/B test setup includes the definition of the targeting and the traffic distribution. 

Does® affect the loading speed of my website?

The® snippet loads with only 11.5kb and is thus usually completely loaded in under 30ms - virtually imperceptible. So your web pages stay lightning fast.