® Functions

Discover the different features of® and how you can optimize your website.


A/B Testing & Personalization

With® we want to allow experimentation without limitations. That's why there is no limit of monthly visitors in any account.

A/B Testing:

This function gives you the possibility to test different website versions against each other. This allows you to determine the best version of your website and display this version to your visitors.


Use this feature to improve the UX of your website and show selected visitor groups content that is more suitable for them. 

Functions of the® Editor

Use the various functions of® to create landing page variants and always pick up your visitors exactly matching the ad being played.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Use dynamic keyword insertion not only for ads, but also transfer keywords to your landing page.

Change images and texts: Optimize landing page texts with a few clicks and get your visitors relevant to your ad campaigns.

Hide elements: Hide information like navigation elements or texts that might distract the user from the conversion.

Redirects: Change the customer journey of your website and direct your visitors to more relevant landing pages or landing page variants.

Change or add images: Enrich your content with the function Edit Content and add additional images to your landing page.

Insert videos: Videos can explain products more clearly and convey emotions. Include them as well via Edit Content to your website.

For experts: Do you know Javascript and CSS? Then use your knowledge and optimize landing pages freely according to your ideas.

For experts: With Edit HTML you have the possibility to edit, delete or add new HTML code directly.

Campaign Booster

For more success: Use the specially developed campaign boosters from®.

Arrow Up: Add the Arrow up to particularly long pages so that visitors can navigate the page as comfortably as possible.

Exit Intent Layer: Use your 2nd chance and motivate your visitors who intend to leave your site to convert.

Information Bar: Promote special promotions or point out current news or offers.  

Notifications: Target the attention of your visitors and promote your marketing campaigns. 

USP Bar: Stand out from your competitors and highlight your outstanding products and services. 


The platform supports different approaches to collecting data and the performance of your tests.

Google Analytics 4:

Evaluate your A/B tests and personalizations directly in your GA4 account. The link is done in a few clicks.

Datalayer interface:® offers the possibility to link further and also own tracking solutions with the platform.