does not track any data and is therefore DSGVO compliant. The evaluation of your created variants can be done easily and completely automatically via your existing analysis tools. On the other hand, you can also use the evaluation functions of your performance marketing tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Marketing.

Evaluation with your analysis tool

You do not need to make any additional settings to evaluate your variants with Google Analytics. The tracking is almost fully automatic. You evaluate the created variant in exactly the same way as you evaluate the core page. You will find the variant under the name of the core page with the attachment ?varify={variant name}

Evaluation with your performance marketing tool (example Google Ads)

To evaluate the performance of your variant, we recommend that you run a 50/50 ad test with evenly distributed ads, where both ads have the same content. The only difference is that you enter the target URL of your core page (e.g. in one ad and the target URL of your variant (e.g.{variant name}) in the other.

If you now compare both variants with each other, you can compare them directly based on your defined conversions and other metrics. In this way, you can see transparently what uplift the variant brings.