Add Link Target

Add Link Target Short & sweet The Add Link Target function allows you to link to a specific element or change the link. The link target can open either in the same tab or in a new tab. This is a useful feature if you want to link to a specific element on a page or if [...]


Edit HTML Short & sweet With the Edit HTML function you have the possibility to directly edit the HTML code of your website, delete it or add new code within the selected HTML area. It is not possible to add HTML outside the selected HTML area. This function should only be used by experienced users. How to use [...]

Keyword Insertion

Keyword Insertion Short & sweet With the Dynamic Keyword Insertion you can create the reference to the respective Google ads. To do this, insert a placeholder element at the desired position on your website. Then save your variant. When the user clicks on the ad, the search term from the Google search is displayed on the target page. [...]

Style & Layout Changes

Style & Layout Changes Short & sweet Style & Layout changes can be made directly with the floating editor. This is immediately visible after is loaded on your page. Just click on the element you want to optimize and make the change via drop down menu or by typing in the desired [...]

Replace Image

Replace Image Short & sweet With the Replace Image function you can replace images on your page. You can upload an alternative image as well as reference it from an external URL. How to use the function Use Cases Trust through the appropriate image world

Edit Content

Edit Content Short & sweet With the "Edit Content" function, you can easily edit and adapt your content. For example, you can change font colors, font sizes, or formatting. You can also swap content within a selected area. Furthermore, you can add new images and videos as well as enrich your text with emoticons. So [...]