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Success through continuous optimization

CRO Consulting

Fast results & sustainable success

The experienced team of® supports you to be well prepared for online business. We have a holistic view for your whole business and develop individual solutions.

Our services

Strategic consulting

Every company has its own challenges and goals. We therefore develop the optimal digital strategy for your business in a tailor-made manner.

Conversion optimization & UX

As full service agency we develop your A/B tests and personalizations from the analysis to the evaluation.

Strategic consulting

Full Service

Visitor requirements for websites changes continually. Only by doing A/B testing continuously and sustainably it is possible to be one step ahead of competition. That's why Varify® offers conversion optimization as a full service and coordinates the whole optimization process.

Business Growth

Every company is unique and has his own requirements for website optimization. We create individual optimization programs for external and inhouse teams to find and execute the right strategy for continuous growth.

FUll Service

The full service component from® contains the structure of test architecture, test conception, design, programming, quality assurance, test execution and evaluation. All of this are necessary components to gain more revenue sustainably.

In House Knowledge

Varify® consulting helps companies to build up internal conversion optimization know-how. We accompany teams from the start as additional support or as interim conversion managers, as long as they need us.

Conversion optimization & UX

Our core disciplines

Data analysis

A proper situation analysis is the base of a successful optimization. We analyse websites and identify touchpoints with the highest potential of being sales multiplier. That's why we analyse digital KPIs and also consider qualitativ aspects to create efficient website & landing page concepts.

Expert audit

Decisions are made subconscious mainly. Peoply tend to act by banal automatisms and they are not aware of it. We analyse your website in specific website audits and develop concepts to bring your conversion rates to the next level.

Test concepts

The communication psychology says that 20% of our communication is made verbal and 80% is made nonverbal. One can conclude from this how important the conception of websites is. A website could have an infinite number of different designs and every design sends another message. We create concepts which are the base for the later test development. Concepts contain insights from behavior psychology (behavior triggers) and also UX knowledge.

Test development

A customized test development for your target group is the key for your optimization success. We are doing design and programming of the website variation, which can be tested in an A/B test versus the original landing page. We consider that every variation is working on defined devices and browsers and also has the right corporate design of your company.

Quality assurance

Every test concept is only as good as the developed test. To make sure the developed test is working like defined we take care for the quality assurance.

A/B testing & evaluation

Bayesian or better frequentistic? How can I be confident that my test results will not only be seen in the A/B test but also have an effect on real numbers and have an effect on the revenue? We keep you updated about current numbers and calculate the ideal test duration for your test in order to make sure you will have valid test results. After the test we will send you specific reports with conclusions.

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