Varify® Snippet - Implementation

Varify® Snippet - Integration Short & sweet The integration of the® snippet in websites and store systems is done quickly. It is recommended to place the JavaScript snippet in the area of your page to prevent page flickering. If necessary, a tag manager can also be used for integration. If it takes a little longer to integrate the snippet [...]

A/B Testing Quality Assurance

A/B Testing - Quality Assurance In a nutshell Quality assurance (QA) of A/B tests before they go live is essential in order to be able to detect possible errors at an early stage. This not only enhances the user experience, but also prevents data corruption that could result from technical errors. How to perform your QA QA for experiments without [...]

Redirect & Split URL Testing

Redirect & Split URL Testing In a nutshell The Redirect function allows you to redirect incoming users to a specific page. If you use this function in an A/B test, you can perform a "Split URL Test". This way you can test e.g. your current page against a new version of the page that is accessible via a different URL [...]