Evaluate custom conversions in explorative reports

Evaluating custom conversions in exploratory reports In a nutshell In order to evaluate custom conversions in exploratory reports in a meaningful way, they must be created as custom metrics in Google Analytics 4. This is the only way they can be viewed independently of each other in the reports. The problem with custom dimensions in exploratory reports In Google Analytics 4, you can [...]

Create multiple variations

Creating multiple variants ... coming soon - mid-December This new feature will allow you to create multiple variants within an experiment and compare them with each other. With just one click you can add another variant and edit it according to your wishes. In addition, you can change the traffic distribution to the individual variants [...]

Duplicate variant

Duplicating variants In a nutshell To duplicate a variant, you can simply edit the variant you want to duplicate and save it under a new name. Duplicating and customizing variants Although there is no direct function for duplicating variants, you can duplicate an existing variant in a few simple steps and customize it according to your [...]

Chrome browser extension

Chrome browser extension In a nutshell The Varify Chrome extension allows you to use the Varify Editor even if your code snippet is not directly integrated into your page. It also helps you to check the correct integration of the Varify code snippet on your website. The extension also offers a solution if your website [...]