Evaluation of results in GA 4

Once you have connected Varify.io® to GA 4, you can evaluate your experiments directly in GA 4. There are several options available, such as exploratory data analysis, comparisons or user-defined reports. You can evaluate your experiments in GA 4 using the following methods: 1. exploratory data analysis (For [...]

Code Helpers

Code Helpers Short & sweet The Code Helpers help you as a web developer to set up A/B tests, especially when developing for single page applications. JavaScript Helper Functions varifyHelper.waitFor The waitFor function uses a mutation observer to wait for a defined element. As soon as new elements matching the defined selector are added to the DOM [...]

Parameters & URL Targeting

Parameters & URL Targeting Short & sweet With the targeting settings you define when your visitors should see the created variant. Varify.io® offers you a total of 3 targeting options: Parameter URL Targeting A/B Test This is how you use the Parameter function In Parameter Targeting, the created variant is called up with the help of a URL parameter. That means: [...]

A/B Testing: Create experiment

A/B Testing: Creating an Experiment Short & sweet With Varify.io® you create and start your experiments in no time. First create a new variant and save it. Then you can select A/B Test from the dropdown menu next to the variant and set the traffic distribution between the original and the variant of the website. How to use [...]

A/B Testing Options

A/B Testing Options Short & sweet Under A/B Testing Options you define settings for tracking the A/B test results and settings for group assignment of the test participants. In the Analytics Connection section, you define whether and how you want to measure and evaluate the results of your A/B tests. In the AB Testing Setup section, you configure whether the group assignment of the test participants is session-dependent [...].

Add JS

Add JS Short & sweet The Add JS function allows you to add Javascript code to your variant. This function is intended for experienced users with programming experience. By right-clicking in the form, you also have the option to format the code. How to use the function


Add CSS Short & sweet The Add CSS function allows you to add CSS code to your variant. This function is intended for experienced users with programming experience. With a right click in the form you also have the possibility to format the code. How to use the function

Edit Text

Edit Text Short & sweet With the "Edit Text" function, you can adjust individual texts or bullet points. In contrast to "Edit Content", here you can only influence the individual text and its design. Use this function if you only want to adjust individual elements and do not want to make changes to a larger content block. [...]

Browse Mode

Browse Mode Short & sweet With the Browse Mode you can pause the selection mode of the Varify.io® editor. In Browse Mode you can for example select Consent Messages / Cookie Banner or navigate freely on the page. As soon as you leave the browse mode again, you can select and optimize single elements. How to use the function

Campaign Booster: USP Bar

Campaign Booster: USP Bar Short & sweet Make your product and brand stand out from the competition and show your Unique Selling Propositions. Configure up to three different unique selling propositions and optionally enrich them with an icon. Due to the configurable, fixed positioning at the bottom or the top of the screen, the visitor will definitely [...]