GA4 Audience evaluation

GA4 Audience Evaluation Table of Contents Short & sweet Audiences can be used as a comparison option for GA4 Standard Reports. It is also possible to use them to monitor real-time data. Step-by-Step TutorialEvaluations with GA4 Audiences (not yet created) Start tour Creating comparisons Before you can view real-time data or other standard reports with the help of audiences, it is necessary to [...]...


Add HTML Table of contents Short & sweet With the "Add HTML" function, you have the option of adding new code to your website. This function should only be used by experienced users. Application examples Important note: Elements that have been inserted via "Add HTML" cannot be subsequently adapted via the editor. Example: The target URL of an element (button) that [...]

Start an A/A test and check the tracking

Start an A/A test and check the tracking In a nutshell Basically, it makes sense to set up an A/A test before you start experimenting with the "real" thing. This allows you to check that the data is entering your web analytics tool correctly and that all your metrics are roughly evenly distributed. Step-by-Step TutorialCheck tracking with an A/A test [...]

Calculate significance

Calculate significance Check your A/B test results for significant differences. For this purpose provides a significance calculator. To the significance calculator


Troubleshooting - Possible Causes In a nutshell If you experience problems related to loading the editor, saving variants or tracking variants, this page lists possible causes and describes how to resolve them. Content Editor not loading When you access your website from the dashboard, [...]

Add JavaScript Reset

Add JavaScript Reset Short & sweet The Add JavaScript Reset function allows you to remove JavaScript code that you have added. This function is especially useful for Single Page Applications (SPAs), if the application does not force a new page load when switching between different pages. Accordingly, JavaScript changes remain visible on the new page, [...].

Start and stop experiments

Starting and pausing experiments In a nutshell You can start your experiments by pressing the "Start experiment" button. You can press this button as soon as a suitable page targeting has been set. Step-by-step tutorialStarting and stopping experiments Starting a tour Creating and starting an experiment As soon as you have created a variant using the editor, it is [...]

Responsive Device Switcher

Responsive Device Switcher Short & sweet With Responsive Device Switcher you can make changes to your website responsively. Simply increase or decrease the width of the window and the content of your website will be changed. You can switch between the standard view of your website and the responsive view at any time. Changes made [...]

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting Short & sweet With audience targeting, you define which target group should be part of your experiment. For example, you can target only users who visit your website from a specific source. Likewise, you can target only mobile, tabllet or desktop traffic, for example. The use cases are almost limitless. Audience targeting can be done with the help [...]

Evaluation of results in GA 4

Evaluation of results with GA 4 IMPORTANT NOTE:The procedure for evaluating results in GA4 has changed slightly. The previous evaluation still works as usual. However, the new procedure is necessary to use the upcoming GA4 evaluation directly in If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Table of contents Short & sweet As soon as you have® [...]