The Google Optimize Sunset - and what companies should do now

Google Optimize will be discontinued. Now it is certain: Google will not offer an alternative A/B testing solution for Google Analytics 4 

The fear of many Google Optimize users has been confirmed: In an official statement putGoogle makes it clear that the service Google Optimize to September 30, 2023 is set.
Also, a return of the popular service in the latest version of Google Analytics 4 Google now rules out. Instead, Google will invest in A/B tests from third-party providers.

According to Convert Public Market Share Data, the removal of Google Optimize will affect approximately 250,000 domains worldwide.
However, these 250,00 domains are only 25,000 individual accounts with the same snippets installed on multiple domains.

Only 20 % of those 25,000 accounts are actively using Google Optimize. This means that Google is phasing out a product that has about 5000 active users (of which 12 % - about 600 - are confirmed Google Optimize 360 accounts).*

The first rumors about a discontinuation of the service came up as early as November 2022. This was met with incomprehension from many users, and many were left with the hope that the rumors would prove to be false.

But now it is clear: Google Analytics 4 will not be a solution for A/B tests offer. This means that Google Optimize users have to look for an alternative. There are numerous providers that can serve as an alternative to Google Optimize. The big disadvantage is that the use of most third-party solutions is chargeable and the price is calculated according to the number of website visitors. 

But to rely on low traffic due to the cost factor would be a fatal mistake (spoiler: There is also a provider where the number of visitors has no influence on the price). 

After all, sufficient traffic is an important component of success in website experiments. Only if there is a sufficient sample size are the results valid and reliable. It would be a shame if only chance were responsible for the outcome of the tests. After all, the decisions made for further optimization measures should be based on a stable foundation. 

When using you don't have to worry about the number of your traffic, because the number of visitors plays an important role. not play a role in the use. offers users, just like Google Optimize: 

  • A visual editor
  • A code editor
  • The possibility to perform A/B tests
  • A simple integration e.g. via Tag Manager
  • No limitation on the number of test participants
  • Tracking is possible directly in Google Analytics 4


But beyond that, offers even more that Google Optimize does not:

  • Campaign Booster - ready templates to optimize pages
  • No limitation of A/B tests and variants
  • An area of knowledge that is constantly being expanded
  • DSGVO compliance 
  • A team of experienced conversion experts to further develop
  • Tracking without Consent - does not store data will provide all functionality until Google Optimize is discontinued on September 30 to ensure smooth transitions and easy A/B testing. 

Seamless integration will be provided between Google Analytics 4 and, eliminating the need to constantly switch between platforms and providing a streamlined user interface.

*Source: Convert