FAQ - questions and answers

In the free account you have the possibility to create 10 variants of any number of pages. If you need more variants, you can either delete variants you no longer need or upgrade your account.

No, Varify.io® automatically inserts a canonical tag on each variant if none is already present. As a result, each generated variant identifies the original landing page as the original page. It is also possible to use Varify.io® so integrate that it none Losses in the performance of the website.

With Varify you can currently make the following changes/optimizations to your websites:

  • text changes
  • Style and layout changes (font size, colors, styles, etc.)
  • hide items
  • Remove items completely
  • Insert new images or replace existing images
  • Insertion of dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages
  • Insert CSS changes
  • Paste JS code directly
  • Change HTML code
  • Use notification widget

In principle, you can change and optimize all static elements on your pages. In some cases, however, elements may be generated dynamically, such as with some product lists. In this case, the information is not available when the website is initially accessed and therefore cannot be changed.

Varify.io® costs €99 per month in self-service. on app.varify.io/register you will find information about the different price models.

Varify.io® does not store any user-related data and is therefore GDPR compliant.

Our servers are located in Germany. We also use a CDN (content delivery network) so that the landing page variants can also be played out extremely quickly.

With Varify.io® it is possible to create an unlimited number of variants of a landing page or website. Likewise, there is at Varify.io® no traffic limit. Unlike personalization or A/B testing tools, Varify.io® Landing page variants are displayed permanently. Of course, the variants can also be used for A/B testing.