Psychological triggers

The card set from Varify®

How you benefit by using psychological triggers


Psychological triggers
activate unconscious
Behaviors. With
they can be
Perception of
Influence people.

The power of the unconscious

95 % of all decisions are made unconsciously
met - that should
in the design of a
Website to use
be made.

Usable everywhere

Psychological triggers can be used in all channels, every step of a customer journey and for every target group.

What awaits you

Your hand sewn protective cover

What awaits you - Sneak Preview

The set is divided into six different categories. Each category contains psychological triggers that work differently and that you can use for different goals. 
Take a closer look at one example of each category below!

Increase motivation

Illusion of Control

Integrate detailed selection processes,

to increase user motivation.

Increase value

Endowment effect

Rooms personal items a

a very special place in the company.

Provide security

Hyperbolic Discount

Make sure that incentives

are available immediately.

Awaken automa-tisms

Affect Heuristic

Emotions sell - use them in product descriptions.

Optimize user guidance

Breaking Rules

Use another design for

a single element of a group,

to highlight this.

Increase sympathy


Be generous and fair to your
customers and they will
show recognition.

Book vs. card set

Table Header Table Header Table Header
Useful information
Simultaneous and joint effort with the entire team
Playful use & active application
Compact to the point
Organization and sorting of content according to own wishes

Psychological triggers - The card set

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