Online Marketing Best Practices

Landing pages for Google Ads

Find out how to use best practices to create better landing pages for Google Ads campaigns in the future.and optimize your existing campaigns

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What will I learn in this e-book?

  • You will learn the difference between good converting and bad converting landing pages in Google Ads campaigns.

  • We'll show you best practices that will help you create better landing pages and optimize your existing campaigns.

  • You will learn which measures you can use to pick up your visitors on your landing pages in order to achieve the highest possible ROAS.

  • We show you the "low hanging fruits" in performance marketing and how you can easily achieve a lot with little effort using our tips.

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Excerpt from the e-book

"The Best Practice Guide has provided us with exactly Starting points that we were still missing, to achieve our target ROAS."
Sebastian Jund, COMPEON GmbH
"Great e-book with very useful tips. Great that the best practices are so hands-on."
Sven Dreissigacker, UserMind GmbH

Best practice Google Ads landing pages of our customers

Compeon case

The home page of was used as a core variant for Google Ads landing page variants and was able to significantly outperform existing landing pages and noticeably increase loan inquiries.


In Google Ads, the use of keyword insertion for landing pages significantly increased the number of relocation bookings.

Artmind Case

The® campaign booster "Notification Bar" was used on landing pages for Facebook campaigns to promote the Easter promotion.