Above the Fold: Optimize the First Impression of Your Website

"Above the Fold" refers to the part of a web page that a user can see immediately when viewing the page, without having to scroll.

This term originated in the newspaper world, where it referred to the part of the page that is visible to the reader when the newspaper is folded. With the advent of the Internet, this term was applied to web pages.

In the digital world, "Above the Fold" plays a crucial role in the user experience and overall performance of a website. The "Above the Fold" area is often the first touchpoint for users on a website and can therefore strongly influence how they perceive the website and whether they decide to scroll further or not.

Historical Background of Above the Fold

The term "Above the Fold" originally comes from the world of print media, more specifically, from the newspaper industry. In folded newspapers, "Above the Fold" refers to the visible content when the newspaper is folded on the table. This area usually contains the most important headlines and images to capture the interest of readers.

With the spread of the Internet and the development of web design, the term "Above the Fold" was adopted in this context. In this context, "Above the Fold" refers to the part of the web page that is immediately visible when the page loads without scrolling.

Above the Fold and User Experience

The design and content of the "Above the Fold" area of a web page play a crucial role in user experience. Since this area is the first one visitors see, it determines the first impression and can influence further visitor behavior.

A well-designed "Above the Fold" area can encourage visitors to spend more time on the page, scrolling further and discovering the content on offer. This, in turn, can make visitors more likely to take certain actions, such as filling out a form, clicking on a link, or making a purchase.

Above the Fold and Conversion Optimization

Not only is the "Above the Fold" area critical for user experience, but also for conversion optimization. Research has shown that elements placed "Above the Fold" have a higher interaction rate than elements placed further down the page.

Therefore, it is important to place the most important information and calls to action in the "Above the Fold" area. This can help increase the visibility of these elements and encourage visitors to perform the desired actions, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Best Practices for Above the Fold

There are several best practices for designing the "Above the Fold" area. Here are a few of them:

  • Make sure key information and calls to action are clear and concise.
  • Use appealing visual elements to capture visitors' interest.
  • Avoid cluttering the area with too much information or too many design elements.
  • Make sure your website looks good on different devices and screen sizes. As more and more people use the web on mobile devices, it's important that the "Above the Fold" area is effective on smaller screens.
  • Use A/B teststo try out different layouts and content and see which ones give the best results.

The connection of personas to conversion optimization

"Above the Fold" has implications across industries and can vary by audience and business model. Here are some examples:

1. e-commerce: For online stores, it is especially important to place the most important products and offers in the "Above the Fold" area to immediately draw the visitor's attention to purchase opportunities.

2. news and media: In this industry, the goal is often to get the user to read and share articles. Therefore, headlines and editorials are often placed in the "Above the Fold" area to immediately capture the user's interest.

3. B2B services: Here, it is often more important to communicate the value and uniqueness of the offer. Therefore, statements about the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or the benefit of the service for the customer can be placed in the "Above the Fold" area.

These examples show that understanding and effectively using "above the fold" can help a website reach its full potential, regardless of industry or business model.


The "Above the Fold" area is a crucial place in web design, which has a strong impact on the user experience and conversion rate of a website. By understanding the importance of this area and applying best practices, web designers and developers can create websites that engage their visitors and encourage them to perform the desired actions.