• Duplicating experiments and variants

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    In short

    To duplicate an experiment or a variant, simply click on the three-dot menu of the experiment or the corresponding variant in the dashboard and select "duplicate". Duplicated experiments and variants are assigned a new experiment or variant IDwhich should be taken into account when evaluating the results.

    Duplicate experiment

    You can duplicate an experiment directly in your dashboard with just one click. To do this, click on the three dots at the top right and then select "duplicate".

    The experiment is now duplicated with all the variants it contains. It is also given the same experiment name with the addition "(copy)" at the end.

    Regardless of whether the original experiment was started or paused, the new duplicated experiment will always be paused.

    The duplicated experiment itself and the variants it contains are assigned new IDs.

    Duplicate variation

    You can duplicate a variation directly in your dashboard with just one click. To do this, go to the dashboard and click on the three-dot menu in the row of the desired variation on the far right. In addition to the options 'Rename' and 'Delete', you will also find the option to 'Duplicate'.

    Edit duplicated variation

    The duplicated variant is now displayed as a new variant with its own variant ID in your experiment. The variant ID is important for the Evaluation of results

    Rename the new variant to make it easier to distinguish. You can then edit the variant as usual using the 'Edit' button. You can use the 'Preview' link to display or share them.

    Adjust traffic distribution after duplication

    The duplicated variation is always added with a 0% traffic distribution. Therefore, you can also duplicate a variation during a running experiment without users seeing it immediately.

    To play the variant, you can simply adjust the traffic distribution. For example, set the value to 33% to assign it this share of the traffic.

    If you only want to play the duplicated version, set the traffic distribution to 100%.

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