User documentation

You can find an overview of all® functions in the user documentation. 

1. first steps

Find out what steps you need to take to get started with®. Start with the Varify® Snippet - Implementation.

2. tracking & setup

You will learn everything about how to connect® with your analytics tool and how to evaluate your tests. Start with Tracking with

3. targeting

Here you can find out how only the visitors who are supposed to see the test will see it. Start with Audience Targeting.

4th Advanced

This section is aimed at experienced users. Start with Add CSS.

5. function overview

Here you will find all the editor functions and learn how to use them. Start with Edit Text.

6. Step by step tutorials

In this section you will also find useful Tutorialsthat show you how to use®.

  • First steps

    Tracking & Evaluation



    Function overview