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    In short

    The Varify Chrome extension allows you to use the Varify Editor even if your code snippet is not directly integrated into your page. It also helps you to check the correct integration of the Varify code snippet on your website. It also helps you to test a variant. The extension also offers a solution if your website is not displayed responsively via the responsive device switcher.

    Step-by-Step Tutorial
    Varify.io Chrome extension

    Installing the Chrome extension

    1. Download the extension:
    2. Installation and activation in Chrome:
      • Click on "Add" to install the extension.
      • Activate the extension after installation.
      • Add it to your extension bar in Chrome.
    3. Integration of the Varify snippet:
      • Go to your Varify dashboard.
      • Search for "Get Snippet Here" and copy the Varify Snippet displayed there.
      • Open the Varify.io Chrome extension.
      • Paste the copied snippet into the "Your Snippet Code" field within the extension.

    Functions of the Varify.io Chrome extension

    Check code snippet integration

    In the top right-hand area of the extension, you can see at a glance whether the Varify code snippet is already integrated on the website. (This refers to the integration in your website code, not the Varify Code snippet that you have inserted in the Chrome extension). A green dot and the message "Snippet found" indicate a successful integration, while an orange dot and the message "Snippet not found" indicate that the snippet is missing.

    Preview of the editor with the Chrome extension

    Even if the code snippet is not yet available on your website, the extension allows you to test the functions of Varify and the editor. To do this, simply activate the switch for "Integrate snippet". This will only integrate the snippet in your browser. Now you can create a new variation in the Varify Dashboard by entering the URL and clicking on "Create new Variation". The page will open with the Varify Editor without you having to change the code of your website. This is an ideal way to try out the tool.

    Quality assurance via session storage

    If you want to test variants and want to use the method via audience targeting using a session storage, our extension will help you to set the appropriate session storage quickly and easily.

    Simply insert the following code into the audience targeting of your experiment and start it with a 1001TP3 variant playout.

    					const STORAGE_KEY = 'varify-test';
    const STORAGE_VALUE = 'true';
    return isValueMatched = sessionStorage.getItem(STORAGE_KEY) === STORAGE_VALUE;

    Only users with the corresponding session storage entry will be able to see the variant. With the Varify.io Chrome extension, you can set the session storage and display the variant with just one click using the "Activate Quality Assurance" button. This makes testing your variants a smooth process. You can find a more detailed description here: A/B testing - quality assurance

    Bypassing problems with the Responsive Device Switcher

    The Responsive Device Switcher in the Editor enables a website to be displayed in different screen widths. Occasionally, due to framing restrictions, the device switcher may not be able to load the website. In such cases, the Varify Chrome extension offers a quick solution. You can simply activate the switch for "Allow Responsive Devices Switcher", reload the page and the Responsive Device Switcher will work properly.

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